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                                                                                               Why Dottie Pops?


 My first products in 2014 were hard candy lollipops & my name is Dottie..the name really caught on, so I decided to keep it.

                                                                                      My Passion

Candy making is my passion and the challenging science behind it continues to fascinate me. Minute changes in temperature or moisture can make or break a batch of candy at any given time. It’s amazing how cooking one or two degrees too long or not long enough, can totally botch chocolates & candy!

I have expanded into chocolate and other candies including toffee, caramels, barks, and brittles based on my own love of these products. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some amazing clients & venues to date, some of which include the Phoenician (900 guest favors) , the Omni Montelucia, the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, and the Barrow Neurologic Institute, for example. Who knew I would be making chocolate brains as holiday gifts for a nationally respected institution? Not me!

                                                                                        My Mission

Giving back to my community is an important part of my personal & professional life so philanthropy will always be a part of my business. I truly believe that creating handcrafted candy using premium ingredients, results in products that are fresh & delicious. Adding customization provides that extra special touch that makes every event or gift unique. Every order, no matter how small or large, continues to inspire me to create delicious custom candy. 

Thank you, 


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